Termite Damage Repair

In the wild, termites are important members of their ecosystem, helping break down and recycle dead and decaying trees or stumps. But in your home, they are intruders that can do serious damage to your wood AND your wallet.

Termites cause about $5 billion a year in property damage in America, but their damage isn’t typically covered by insurance. That’s why it’s important to catch this damage early and repair your home with proven methods designed to prevent repeat termite visitors.

Why Choose Connor's?


Targeted Repair

We utilize state-of-the-art techniques for pinpointing termite damage, so that the overall damage to the home is minimal and the cost is kept down for all parties involved. We also replace all damaged wood with pressure-treated wood that deters future termite infestations.

Do You Have A Termite Problem?

Termites are usually active in hidden areas behind wall coverings, in crawl spaces, under foundations, and in still plates, making the damage they cause difficult to detect. However, common signs of termite infestation include mud tubes on foundations and other structures, evidence of winged “swarmer termites" or their shed wings, and damaged wood, hollowed out along the grain and lined with mud.


Are you unsure of whether or not your home has a termite infestation? Request an inspection from our partner Connor’s Pest Control today.


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