Wildlife Damage Repair

Though termites and rats are the pests that most often cause damage in the DMV area, we specialize in repairing damage caused by all pests and wildlife.

Whether it’s raccoons tearing up your soffits, vents, and roof shingles, woodpeckers or carpenter bees drilling holes in your siding, or bat droppings rotting and staining your ceilings, insulation, and sheet rock, we can help.

We work closely with the Connor’s expert pest technicians to identify any infestation, remove the intruders, and repair all damage so that your home can become your home again.

Why Choose Connor's?


The Perfect Size

We have extensive experience working on the little projects that big builders won’t touch and we’re more than capable of completing the larger projects that smaller construction companies can’t.


Targeted Repair

We aren’t afraid to do the dirty work, and we’ll gladly investigate your hot attics, damp garages, and subterranean crawl spaces. We utilize state-of-the-art techniques for pinpointing pest and wildlife damage, using thermal guns to identify heat and sending our remote-control car with a camera into the hard to reach spaces.

Do You Have A Pest Problem?

Our partners at Connor’s Pest Control will customize a treatment plan to your specific pest challenge. Their holistic approach to pest control combines inspection, identification, and exclusion techniques with the latest environmentally friendly products and materials.


Are you unsure of whether or not your home has a pest infestation? Request an inspection from our partner Connor’s Pest Control today.


Repair wildlife damage today

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